Poisoning Our People’s Minds

Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon to hear preacher’s rail against raunchy movies, television and music.  It doesn’t take a lot of research to know that there are some serious dangers there, especially for impressionable young people.  I’m convinced, however, that most of our congregations are at much greater risk of poisoning their souls with somethingContinue reading “Poisoning Our People’s Minds”

Something Uplifting to watch on Amazon

I don’t watch a lot of TV and I’m not a big consumer of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus. But the other day, I was surprised to learn that Amazon Prime has several great Christian biographical documentaries to watch free if you are a prime member: Logic on Fire: The LifeContinue reading “Something Uplifting to watch on Amazon”

Quickie- When you run out of things to say

Quickie: When you run out of things to say I’ve just finished reading Douglas Wilson’s Ploductivity: A Practical Theology of Work & Wealth (on a bit of a Doug Wilson kick) and my favorite quote from the book is actually in the appendix. Speaking about his extraordinary output as a writer, Wilson said he learnedContinue reading “Quickie- When you run out of things to say”

Get Rich Slowly: Compound Interest and Skill Development

Albert Einstein is credited with saying: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world.” Warren Buffet took that quote to heart, and over sixty years has turned a small investment into billions. But I want to suggest a different kind of compound interest that earns a different kind of wealth: I want you toContinue reading “Get Rich Slowly: Compound Interest and Skill Development”

Why carrying a $1,000 iPad around is a good idea.

I have before me a sheet of glass, metal and silicon which cost me nearly $1,000.   As I purchased it, I had all kinds of doubts running through my mind: Is this a bit much? Do I really need this? Could I not make do with something less expensive? I already have a MacBook Pro,Continue reading “Why carrying a $1,000 iPad around is a good idea.”