Writing Again

I have decided to start writing again. By which I mean I’ve decided to resume a certain kind of writing.

I’m doing this again for two basic reasons:

  • First, because I believe the positions I’ve come to are true and good and beautiful, and
  • Second, because I believe that things that are true and good and beautiful should not be placed under a bushel, but raised up on a candlestick.

It was a wise man who once said, “don’t just do something – stand there.” I have been “doing” my beliefs about ministry, faith, family, business and politics for a long time now and I’ve just decided I better start standing here.

And “here”, in most cases, is the uncomfortable middle. It’s an uncomfortable position because the people to both my right and left on any issue like to imagine that to take one step away from their radical spot is to step onto a slippery slope, greased with crisco and laden with banana peels that leads right into a bottomless abyss. When these people see me standing here on level ground (where a man eating ditch is supposed to be) with the that stupid grin on my face, and they realize I’ve been here for quite some time, it makes for uncomfortable conversations with their sheeple. Sorry in advance for any uncomfortable conversations.

Actually, the uncomfortable middle isn’t really that uncomfortable. There is rest here. There is sanity here. There is peace here. The middle is actually pretty awesome, it’s just kind of lonely. So maybe this blog will inspire you to come join me.

In some circles, expressing a contrary opinion is a dangerous game. It could lead to getting fired, getting booted from your church, or, at the very least, not being invited to preach at the big fancy conference next year. Well, I own my own business, have a pretty solid and supporting core in my church (who has been hearing this stuff for nearly ten years) and no one was inviting me to preach at that big fancy conference anyways…so what do I have to lose?

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